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Children Of Working Moms Better Off Later In Life, Study Finds

Children Of Working Moms Better Off Later In Life, Study Finds

Children Of Working Moms Better Off Later In Life, Study Finds
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Great little clip I had to share! Just because it made me feel a less guilty about being a working mom πŸ™‚

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End of School Year

So I don’t know about you but our crazy end of school chaos has begun! Programs, celebrations, end of school year parties and then don’t forget about class field trips and just the day to day homework and everything else already on our calendars- it is so flipping crazy busy!!! BUT… try not to stress and enjoy it! This is for your kids! They are proud of what they are a part of and you should be too. So if you need to complain ….I’m all ears πŸ˜‰ but don’t let your kids here ya complain about it because some kiddos might take that complaint the wrong way and think it’s about them and there is no way I want my kiddo to think I don’t want to be a part of anything they are involved in ( did this last night, so speaking from experience) 😬🀭😞

Take a picture or 2 and savor these moments! When others tell you that “kids grow up so fast” they aren’t lying!

The end of a school year can be emotional, so make sure you have your Kleenex’s, next to your updated calendar and be prepared for the next month of quick dinners and running to get the best seat for the program. And take those pics πŸ™‚

And something funny to end with, I love The Office!!! πŸ˜†

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Find myself alone…

Good morning friends! So it worked out this week that I have today off and all 3 of my kids are in school…and I am ALONE πŸ™ƒwhat to do?? Take a nap, chill and watch tv, even though I so badly wanted to do nothing! I went for a run, alone… well and my Cooper. But I didn’t feel rushed and I knew there was No one at home needing me. It was so nice and exactly what I needed! I jammed to my Christian songs that make me sometimes cry (but encouraging) and then my pop music that makes me want to run faster 😜

However, in all honesty, it is hard for me to take time away, so I am thankful the Lord knew I needed this and gave me a few hours!

Pray. Wait. Trust. ❀️

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Mom Tip #106

Okay, here it is…my weakness…my weakness is I LOVE to sleep!! So this next tip, I struggle with and that tip is getting up earlier than your family in the morning!

When I do (very rarely) the morning goes so much smoother and the day just seems to start better!

Every morning I get up about 5 minutes before my kids and I have no time, to myself, to just get a few little things done that make the morning less stressful; like letting the dogs out, getting my glass of orange juice and heck, just go to the bathroom! πŸ™„

Also, when I’m not rushing through the morning, my kids feel it too! They feel more prepared and less anxious ( which for my daughter with an anxiety disorder is very important!!) otherwise I’m yelling “5 minutes for the bus” “1 minute” “okay bus is here! Don’t forget your shoes” 😬

This is something I’m going to work on…I have to work on! Like I said; for my daughter with anxiety; being prepared and not rushing through the morning and only having 10 minutes to get ready and eat breakfast does not work for her and then we have a whole another set of concerns on our hands! πŸ˜•

I can do this…right?! Right?! Right!!! I’ll keep you updated…

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I love Fridays…maybe alone time?!Β 

It is Friday and the weekend is almost here! It has been a long week at my house, my little peeps and big hubby peep not feeling so well, so this mama has not had much sleep 😴 So when I was asked to go to dinner for a work function, I thought the alone time would be nice, even just an hour, heck even 5 minutes πŸ˜‰ 

I know I will miss my fam, but this mom needs a reboot! I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend and has a minute to relax! 

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Mom Tip #101

This will be something new – some short, simple to the point tips about things I do to make mom life just a little easier( yeah it is possible πŸ˜‰)

These are my “Mom Tips”!

And the first one: prepare, prepare, prepare! The most you can prepare, the better! The first part of the week, I prepare the dinner menu. For the dinner menu, I have a chalkboard I write down each day of the week with what I “plan” on for dinner. Some days it doesn’t always go as planned; yes sometimes I forget to thaw out the meat πŸ˜• but having it Β written out then I don’t forget and when my husband gets home before me, he knows what I’m planning and what he can get started!