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I’m Home!!! I’m finally Working from Home!!!

That’s right folks! I am finally working from home! I’m so happy! And so far, so good 🙃

So I’ve learned a few things, my first couple days home:

  1. We did not put enough insulation in, I can hear EVERYTHING!
  2. I love to have a choice on having a window open! Awww… fresh air 🌅
  3. I always set my clothes out the night before, keep that routine otherwise you’ll be in you PJs all day….which is comfy but I don’t feel like I’m “ready” for the day with jammies on. (So I change my sweatpants 😝)
  4. Make a schedule for your kids! My daughter was getting used to being in charge while I worked, but they always argued about what to do, so I found a few summer schedules online and used different pieces to create my own.
  • 5. When you’re day is done, it’s done! Turn everything off and shut down.
  • 6. Take breaks!
  • Shhh… sometimes my break involves a quick hug and kiss from kiddos 🙂 a bonus working from home, you can do that 👍🏻
  • **But one suggestion with this, use a timer. That way you and your kiddos know when the break is done and you have to head back.
  • 7. Have a dedicated space to work. I’m so thankful my hubby built an office for me! That way I feel like my work and home are in a way, still separate.
  • 8. Watch what you eat! I found myself all day grazing away in the cupboards 😬
  • 9. Give yourself a break- there are some days that aren’t going to go smooth working from home, but you’ll figure it out. Just stay committed and you’ll figure it out.
  • 10. Stay Connected- right away it was hard for me to adjust not having others around greeting me in the morning and asking about my weekend. To help with that, I online chat with a few team members regularly and I have one day I go into the office ( and honestly that’s enough😉). But really if you came from an office and are making that transfer to WAH, figure out a good way to stay connected. You’re still part of a team!
  • I am beyond blessed and thank God everyday, for this opportunity to work from home! He always has a plan and provides 🙏🏻

  • Hope you have a blessed day xoxo

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    Office Construction – Then and Now

    When I decided to switch jobs and have the opportunity to work from home, my husband was all on board and super supportive! Right away we started running through ideas about where my office would be – we both agreed that I needed my own space and it was a dedicated office. The only option with some unfinished space was our basement. 1/2 of it is unfinished and is our laundry/storage/junk/junk/junk room (yes, I meant to put 3 “junks” in that, I have more junk than anything else 🤦‍♀️). We decided on a layout and he went to work! 🚧 I am VERY thankful that my husband is so handy around the house and with construction projects like this! (I think his favorite is woodworking and I should share some of his projects sometime, they are AMAZING!)God defiantly blessed him with this special gift!

    Our girls helping out dad 👇🏻


    To begin, with it being in the basement, he had to add an egress window (in case I need to escape) second he painted the brick white (that cut down on our drywall budget)then framing in some walls, drywall that, did some electric and duck work, added some lights and finished with the ceiling! He did it all himself, all we paid for was the products he used. Huge budget saver when you can have someone, you don’t have to pay, to do all the work!

    And It tuned out so good, check it out below

    He refinished this desk and chair too! He’s got mad skills 😉

    He also finished this chair! And the door behind there, is an old store door and he made it into a sliding barn door.

    Now if I can just get to work at home….yes, that is correct, I am STILL waiting to work from home! But…when I do I will have an awesome, quiet office to work from✅

    Thank you hun for all your work you put into this, love you!

    I am one blessed, working (from home eventually) mama❤️🤓👩🏼‍💻

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    Working from home…still waiting 🤔

    I took a new role for the company I work for about 2 months ago. This transfer had the opportunity to work from home and I have been super excited and anxious to be home more!

    However, I keep waiting with no real, set date, except middle of May to mid June, and I have been praying for it to happen earlier than that and every day I leave work, thinking and praying “maybe tomorrow” or “maybe by the end of the week”. And I am still waiting. And today, when I left work again with no idea when working from home will become real to me, I was discouraged! I keep thinking “why is God waiting?” “why not now?” and I’m totally frustrated! 😖

    Working from home, will help in a few different ways like; ease some of the pressure off my hubby to take the kids to and from school, being home for the kids when they get off the bus and if the babysitter is sick or he wants to stay in his jammies a little longer (like everyday😏), my little man, can hang out at home! I’m not saying it is going to solve everything, I did take a pay cut, so that’s something we need to figure out. And I know it can be stressful (different kind of stress) working from home. BUT…. I just want to be home!  Some days I wake up and HATE to leave! Not only my kiddos, but my house (yes, I know that sounds kind of weird) home just feels comfort and peace to me at this time in my life.

    So when will it happen… I don’t know! But it’s not up to me, it is God’s timing and I have to be okay with that. I have to TRUST and have FAITH that He knows what is best and I know, I KNOW He has His reasoning. His reasoning is what is best for me, He loves me and I am HIS CHILD! And really, it’s not easy, but it’s just work and it will be okay.

    It will be OKAY!!


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    Working from Home… starting soon :)



    So I did it! I took another position and will be working from home in about a month or 2! I am so excited! Sweatpants and messy bun here I come 😉

    But honestly, it was a tough decision! Even though I will be working from home and excited about those sweatpants, messy buns and no makeup. It will be nice that I’ll be able to help bring the kids to school and I’ll be home when they get off the bus. Lots of positives and I LOVE to be home, I’m a “homebody” so it’ll be nice change not have to get ready, commute and just be HOME! (I will say, since all of the drama over the last year with our daughter being diagnosed with Conversion disorder, my dad passing away and some other drama, I have this strong urge to want to be at home…not sure what that’s about??? but that’s a blog for another day)

    However, there are some negatives as well  to taking this position – granted I am still with the same company, however I had to leave a leadership role and take a pay cut…not too stoked about that part of it 😦  So we plan on watching our spending more closely and we’ll same some money with not having to commute anymore and all the other job expenses, but it’s still a loss in $$$. Also leaving a leadership role was tough! I worked so hard to get to leadership, that it was hard to leave…but I always told myself that my family will come first and right now, that’s what I need to do. My leadership passion will have to take backseat…for now.

    I have already transferred and will be training until I transfer to home. So I will keep you all updated! Keep me in your prayers

    Have blessed day tomorrow! It’s Friday – woohoo!!




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    Working from home??

    Right now I am currently contemplating taking a role, within our company, working from home. But I never have worked from home, I have always worked outside the home, and honestly it seems too good to be true. I mean stay in my sweat pants, hair in a messy bun and no makeup – woohoo!! What more could I ask for? There has to be a downside right? Right?

    After doing some research, I found a lot of articles where this type of set up works really well for a lot of people! They love the flexibility, no commuting, no office politics to worry about, less sick days, and better work-life balance! This last one, the work-life balance, along with flexibility, is my main reason for looking into this option. Being more available to be at home when my kids get on and off the bus, is huge! Huge! Them knowing I’ll be there, gives the security and comfort, but also if I’m working, they’ll get some independence as well.

    However, for others, working from home doesn’t work so well. They may feel isolated and have a hard time separating work and home. Some said that they felt the need to always work and maybe even greater expectations, if you’re working from home.

    Whether you work from home or at an office, there are always advantages and disadvantages to every situation and YOU have to figure out what works best for you and your family! My dad always taught me, that when making a decision, take time to write down the pros and cons for each side. This is a great way to get a full picture of the situation your in and even just writing it down, you are expressing your thoughts and it helps when reflecting on it later.

    So we’ll see…stay at the office or work from home??