Office Construction – Then and Now

When I decided to switch jobs and have the opportunity to work from home, my husband was all on board and super supportive! Right away we started running through ideas about where my office would be – we both agreed that I needed my own space and it was a dedicated office. The only option with some unfinished space was our basement. 1/2 of it is unfinished and is our laundry/storage/junk/junk/junk room (yes, I meant to put 3 “junks” in that, I have more junk than anything else 🤦‍♀️). We decided on a layout and he went to work! 🚧 I am VERY thankful that my husband is so handy around the house and with construction projects like this! (I think his favorite is woodworking and I should share some of his projects sometime, they are AMAZING!)God defiantly blessed him with this special gift!

Our girls helping out dad 👇🏻


To begin, with it being in the basement, he had to add an egress window (in case I need to escape) second he painted the brick white (that cut down on our drywall budget)then framing in some walls, drywall that, did some electric and duck work, added some lights and finished with the ceiling! He did it all himself, all we paid for was the products he used. Huge budget saver when you can have someone, you don’t have to pay, to do all the work!

And It tuned out so good, check it out below

He refinished this desk and chair too! He’s got mad skills 😉

He also finished this chair! And the door behind there, is an old store door and he made it into a sliding barn door.

Now if I can just get to work at home….yes, that is correct, I am STILL waiting to work from home! But…when I do I will have an awesome, quiet office to work from✅

Thank you hun for all your work you put into this, love you!

I am one blessed, working (from home eventually) mama❤️🤓👩🏼‍💻


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