“You have fought a good fight”


Last week Friday, my dad had an appointment to determine next steps for him in this cancer battle and sadly, his oncologist explained that it was time to stop all treatment, he shook my dad’s hand and said “you have fought a good fight”.  Is it a good fight even if you lose?! He is losing his battle with cancer, the cancer is winning and will take his life! Although, my dad had many obstacles and yes, I agree with his doctor that my dad had a fighting spirit every step of the way, but really? A good fight? Maybe. But not a fair fight? maybe not so much, because we knew from day one that this cancer monster had the upper hand!

The end of the month will be a year that we found out his melanoma was back and back with a vengeance; in his liver, lungs and all over his brain, even his skull and lining of his brain had cancer, right away they said surgery was not an option ” too much of it”. So he has fought for a long, hard year! But, I am not ready to give up on him yet…

(and not sure why I chose this picture for this post, but for some reason I did. I see doom and gloom, but maybe, just maybe there is a break in the clouds  🙂 )

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