Mom Tip #107

Traditions – every family should have some type of tradition – whether that’s Hawaii for Christmas or park for your birthday, it doesn’t matter what the tradition is, but make one or two or 8 🙂 But remember, do what works for YOUR family! You don’t have to do what every other family is doing on Facebook, do what your family time allows and enjoys! Otherwise, you are doomed for the mommy guilt 😦

I see so many families that have the tradition of seeing Santa at Christmas, well, my children had severe stranger anxiety and would kick and scream every time I tried, so I bagged it and at first I felt bad seeing all these cute kids sitting on Santa’s lap, but you know what; I can only do my best and I figure either I do a ton of stuff half-ass or a few REALLY well! So I have 2 traditions I always do (and a few others I try and fit in) but these are ones my kids have shared they love! So every year our family to cut our own Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend and then for my kids birthday I do their age with pictures from that year (see example below).


Other easy, fun family traditions:

  • Birthday –
    • decorate your kids door with streamers and balloon
    • take them out on a special date
  • Valentines Day
    • as a family do a random act of kindness
  • Easter
    • Dye Easter eggs
  • 4th of July and Memorial Day
    • Parades
    • Fireworks
    • Have a family picnic
  • Thanksgiving Day
    • Make a Thankful/Grateful Tree with “what your thankful for” leaves
    • Serve a meal at a mission
    • Have a Gratitude Jar
  • Christmas
    • Cut your own Christmas tree
    • Give your child an ornament every year
    • Make a birthday cake for Jesus
    • Sing carols or make cards for residents in a nursing home
    • Take a picture with the family in a set of matching Pajamas

Just some ideas, but again, do what YOU want! And don’t make it stressful, make sure its a FUN tradition that the family will have great memories of!


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