Teen Room Ideas

My oldest just turned 13 years old and it was time for us to update and redo her room! Thankfully my hubby is super handy and always has some unique ideas he can do himself and incorporate. For my daughter – she loves sports and to play video games, so he created a fun “game wall” for her. (still a work in progress) but it was important she was a part of the design so it felt more like “hers” and “her space” so it was a place for her to retreat too and feel comfortable in! Below I share a few ideas from Amazon that helped us individualize her room!

My hubby’s handy work – Check it out below:

And let us please note that decorating a teen’s room is tough! They are no longer a child and DO NOT want any type of toy (unless it’s something to do with video games) and they are not quite an adult either, so an adult style might be too much for them.

For our daughter it was important that we compromised! She is one with high anxiety and if she does not like something, like for example; a particular blanket, she won’t use it! so we’ve learned that if she doesn’t like it we don’t buy it, because we are wasting our $$$! and then she feels bad we bought it and she’s not using it and so on and so on, so we’ve learned 😉 But we found items that were within our price range and something she defiantly liked. So for the first item, she couldn’t find a reasonable priced comforter set with a fun,not-too-girly design, so we just ended up with a plain white down comforter and paired with some fun….not-too-crazy pillows 🙂


To check out more ideas about Rooms for Teens and Birthday ideas, go to my Amazon list: TEEN GIRLS (and maybe some boy stuff too)

Love you girl, hope you enjoy your new room! xoxo

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using my link, I do earn a commission at NO EXTRA cost to you. I own this blog and the opinions I express are my ownThank you for anything you do purchase, it is greatly appreciated!


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