Big Sister Advice from Rachel Hollis

Please check out this video from my FAVORITE Miss Rachel Hollis! It something great for young and old to hear, but defiantly our boys and girls out there that need some extra encouragement about who they are!

The 5 points she discusses:

1. Confidence – be who YOU are! Be confident in you and who YOU are!

2. This will pass – middle or high school will not last!

3. Boobs-don’t show em! Keep em to yourself

4. Don’t worry about what others think-no one thinking about you, they are only thinking about themselves.

5. Stay strong, beautiful, smart, fierce and more encouraging words from your big sis, Rachel! ❤️

And one thing that I have to remember to work on is that my girls (13 and 10 years old) and my son (and any other kids that I am around), are watching me and how I may complain about my weight, or not want to go to the beach because I don’t like myself in a bathing suit, etc, etc, etc. I need to remember too to be proud of who I am and shine that confidence!! 🙂

Have a wonderful week friends!

Blessings, Christy


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Hi friends! My name is Christy and I am a Christian, working mom of 3 and happily married to my high school sweetheart. I love my job however I love my kids more! I want to encourage other working moms(and every mom) to stay positive and look for those blessings everytime! If you'd like to Contact me please email me:

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