Decorating on a Budget

So most decorating ideas on a budget, you have to be somewhat crafty. Well, I am not! I know what I like and what looks good, but not crafty! I have never been crafty and never will be, being artistic is not a skill I have. However, my husband on the other hand is super artistic, he’d probably not like me to call him “crafty” but he is 😋

So our decorating decisions happen something like this; I “research” ideas and then I go find him and ask him if he can do it . And really, I’ve never gone to him and he has said “no” I can’t, he said ” no I won’t” but never that he can’t. And oh how I love him for this ❤️

That’s my decorating on a budget, I have a handy husband that helps…a lot! But it also takes patience! For example; we have wanted ” new to us ” dressers for our bedroom, we’ve been looking about a year. And I was picky, it had to be in decent shape and able to store a lot of clothes. But it also had to be cheap, like thinking less than $100 and then something my hubby could redo, so we’d have to buy paint as well, so I was watching what I wanted to spend.

It did take extra time and effort to find what I wanted but we did and it turned out great! I bought this dresser with a mirror and a tall dresser for $150!! And then the amount we spent on paint and supplies probably about $50, so my “new to me” dresses were $200! And didn’t he do a great job painting 👊🏻

I’m really into the old, antique, farm house, modern look (like fixer upper on a budget) so I love to stroll through antique store and a bonus, my kids love this too because they love to find treasures! But if you look, you can find some expensive items for a third of the cost!

We have a travel trailer as well and I bought all used items for it. Below is one of my favorites…and actually I like this one better than my new one and I only paid $12! I liked it too much and now It’s on my kitchen counter 😏



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