Toby Mac!!!!

This weekend, my girls and I went to a Toby Mac concert!

When I bought these tickets in December, my oldest Addison (with the anxiety disorder) was pretty unstable and I was truly unsure if she’d be able to go. She has increased anxiety around crowds and my fear was her having an anxiety attack in the middle of a crowd and we’re stuck! A nightmare for everyone…but I am happy to report, no nightmare 😊 and we had a blast! Well at least her and I did, her sister (Adrie) fell asleep 😴(not sure how that happens at a concert🤔)but she has the talent of being able to sleep anywhere/anytime…just like her mama!img_7142

This is a big step in our anxiety goals and I am beyond proud of Addison ! She is doing so well, however every day is a new day and we may have set backs and that’s okay too. this is a lifetime adventure that God has placed in our lives and we will make it through it with His guiding hand!

Her sister; Adrie, my “middle child” ( we joke about her being the “middle child” because my sister is middle child and uses that as an excuse for everything that didn’t go well in her childhood 😉 ) Anyways, she has been amazing! Addison was always our go-to, she was a big help in the family, however when everything started doing downhill this summer, Adrie, had to step up to the plate! She has been a rock for me! Hugging me when I need it and making sure she is keeping an eye on her older sister… and even helping with her little brother too! And I wonder; if Addison had not gone through her anxiety adventure this summer, would Adrie have had this “opportunity”?

Either way, I am just beyond blessed that the Lord blessed me with these 2 amazing girls!

We got this! xoxo





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