Mom Tip #108

Another tip or suggestion I have for all you moms, or really anyone – have a good, organized laundry system! Otherwise, your laundry can take over your house 😫 I always hate having laundry baskets sit around, then the clothes sit and get wrinkled and mornings are spent doing a deep search through the laundry baskets. Getting frustrated with this everyday, I decided I HAD to figure something else out!

My laundry is in the basement and nothing spectacular but I do have a long clothes line and huge table (which I am grateful for) and wanted to take advantage of. Before the table was just a pile of clean clothes, some folded and some not, random socks, underwear and whatever else I can’t find a spot for at the moment…in other words, it was a mess! 🤯 So I cleaned it up, donated 3/4 of the clothes and threw away a ton of junk! I took 5 laundry baskets (one for each person in our family)  and labeled them. I have a small area to fold and then I put in their basket. Therefore, we all know where to find our clothes and I do NOT bring any clothes baskets upstairs, where they end up all over the house and cluttering up our rooms.

I’m hoping this goes well, I have tried other laundry “systems” or ideas and nothing seemed to really work for my family, my schedule and my space, so I’m excited, I have a good feeling about this! We spend so much time doing laundry, I want it to feel good!

“Don’t you just love those 12 seconds, your laundry is done” 😉


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Hi friends! My name is Christy and I am a Christian, working mom of 3 and happily married to my high school sweetheart. I love my job however I love my kids more! I want to encourage other working moms(and every mom) to stay positive and look for those blessings everytime! If you'd like to Contact me please email me:

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