Speech from the Celebration of Life service for my Dad

img_3995“Hi everyone, I’m Christy, I’m the baby of the family. First of all, we want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support over the last year since he’s been diagnosed; it’s been rough! Lots of ups and downs and more than once we thought we were going to lose him and he just kept fighting! The last week he was home – mom, us 3 kids, grandkids, brothers and sisters, and close friends all spent time with him and whether he liked it or not; he was never alone ;)”

“The first part of the week he was somewhat responsive and I had a nice lunch with just him, watched some football and shared some good memories. But then the 2nd part of the week it took a lot for him to speak and so we sat silently together and during that time if just sitting with him and holding his hand – I thought about what he was maybe thinking and feeling (because he was not one for sharing much) so I wrote a few words:

Look past the discolor of my skin, look past this too-thin frame

I can hardly lift my head, for my body is too weak and my hair is gone but I will keep smiling

If you looked inside all you’d see is this controlling disease

I will, I will continue to trust, for our God is in control

I have already won this battle on earth, take me home sweet Jesus, take me home

For my hope is in you alone”

Love, your baby Christy



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