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October 31st (otherwise known as Halloween)

So over the years Halloween, has become my least favorite “holiday”. I’m not sure why, I used to love dressing my kids up in costumes and getting FREE candy! But the more I see  Halloween decorations, it feels like it just gets more “evil like” every year and I am not into that.

So below are some options to try and maybe start a new family tradition:

  1. Movie Night – check these out! some for the real young ones and some for your older kiddos. And if you are looking for even cheaper, head to your local library and find them there.

2. Hotel – this really only works well when the 31st falls on a weekend, but go to a hotel for the night that has a pool or water park.

3. Visit a pumpkin patch, pick up a pizza, then go home and carve the pumpkins out.

4. Have a family game night! This is defiantly a budget friendly option $$$

5. Camp out and tell scary stories! Vote on whose was the scariest!

Here is a link to a post about tips on how to tell the scariest (of course, know your audience and if there are young kids, keep it G rated…just a suggestion for your future self 😉  Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

6. Visit an orchard – many will have specials for Halloween night, that don’t require dressing up. Check you local orchards and farms. 

7. Check out your local churches! There are great opportunities to take advantage of a fun,clean environment with lots of great activities! Typically they have a snacks or even a free dinner – talk about budget friendly! 🙂 $$$

7. My favorite – have a date night and leave the planning to the babysitter 😉

Have a blessed week friend! No matter what you decide to do this week, look for the blessing!

**Please know that as an Amazon Associate, if you purchase any of the suggested items above, I earn from those purchases. And I thank you for the support!

All About those Kids, family, Mom Life

Another Summer Season

In the past, our summers still consisted of a pretty defined schedule, because while my husband and I are both working, we had to bring our kiddos to babysitters (usually family) but with drop offs and pickups, we had to have a schedule; which I am sure many of you can relate too! And my kids HATED it! However, with me working from home, this summer, we had a little bit more flexibility, , which was VERY helpful, it was honestly quite great!! 

However, I STILL had to work and that was something the kids had to get used too; that even though I am home, I’m home working

But being a WAH (work at home) mom, we still didn’t have family vacation all summer 😕Which is tough because majority of my female family and friends do not work, so they can plan all kinds of fun things and vacations… (mommy guilt = ✅check ) but we make the most of what we have, looking at the blessings and enjoying the time I do have off 👍🏻

Below are a few fun times our family had this summer🏕🏖🚲☀️

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Mom Tip #110 – School Prep ✅✏️📖✂️

Start preparing your kids for school ahead of time, like more than the day before 😉

All 3 of my kids have some type of anxiety around school (really who doesn’t?) so starting to prepare them (and reminders for me) is key for our family!

Here are some tips we use at our house:

  • Ready Checklist ✅ created a simple checklist for my girls, so they know what they need to do before they leave for school. (However, for my son this year, I’ll have to create one with pics, because he can’t read yet) I put it up on the door, just a very simple reminder…for them and me 🙂
    • img_9577
  • Forms/Appointment – did you hand in all the forms and complete all the needed doctor appointments? Hair appointments? Medication refills that your child might have to take to school?
  • School Calendar – Once I have the final school calendar, I put all those dates into my home/work calendar.
    • I also ask for any days off from work I may need for special school occasions.
  • Lunch Notes 📝 this is something my mom would do just once in awhile and I loved it! it was just a nice reminder in the middle of the day that no matter what your mama is thinking, praying and will ALWAYS love you… no matter what happens at school!
    • here a few suggestions, I ordered from Amazon:
      • C.R. Gibson CN63-13645 Lunch Box Notes
      • Lunchbox Jokes: 100 fun Tear-Out Notes for Kids
      • Sprinkled Joy – Designer Lunchbox Notes – 2 packs


  • I hope and pray everyone has an awesome start to the school year and everything goes smooth 👍🏻
  • Stay safe! Blessings 💕
All About those Kids, family, Mom Life

Protect Your Skin

So my dad passed away from Melanoma in December and I’ve been doing some research about how to protect myself and my family’s skin from the sun; and wanted to share with you, to hopefully help you as well! I know with Spring Break coming up for some, this is the perfect time! ☀️

1. Prevention- wear your sunscreen!!! Everyday!! No matter where you are, even being inside, still apply it! Helpful hint: check the UV index every day, they have nice apps that do it for you and will alert you when it reaches a specific number.

2. Protection

  • Protection includes wearing sunscreen (of course)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat with a 4 inch brim
  • Specific SPF clothing
  •  Seek shade when you can
  •  Do not burn ( Your risk of developing Melanoma doubles if you have had more than 5 sunburns).
  • At all costs AVOID sun tanning booths.

3. Be aware- what should you look for in a mole:

  • A – Asymmetry (irregular shape)
  • B – Border (irregular border)
  • C – Color (multiple colors)
  • D – Diameter (>6mm in diameter)
  • E – Evolving (change in size, shape and color)


** If you have a family history of skin cancer, consult a dermatologist to have a skin exam every year or every 6 months.

Please educate yourself and check out these websites:

Take care and blessings to you all!






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Everyday I leave. I leave for work and I leave my kids and some days this just totally sucks! My older 2 are in school everyday, but while I work I miss a lot of opportunities to be involved in their classes and taking or picking them up from school. My youngest, KC, is 4 and has preschool a couple days a week for about 3 hours, but again I can never drop him off or pick him up from school and most days I only see him for 2 or 3 hours tops at night.

I hate to leave…it breaks my heart 😔 Being a working mom is hard, especially today.


All About those Kids

Toby Mac!!!!

This weekend, my girls and I went to a Toby Mac concert!

When I bought these tickets in December, my oldest Addison (with the anxiety disorder) was pretty unstable and I was truly unsure if she’d be able to go. She has increased anxiety around crowds and my fear was her having an anxiety attack in the middle of a crowd and we’re stuck! A nightmare for everyone…but I am happy to report, no nightmare 😊 and we had a blast! Well at least her and I did, her sister (Adrie) fell asleep 😴(not sure how that happens at a concert🤔)but she has the talent of being able to sleep anywhere/anytime…just like her mama!img_7142

This is a big step in our anxiety goals and I am beyond proud of Addison ! She is doing so well, however every day is a new day and we may have set backs and that’s okay too. this is a lifetime adventure that God has placed in our lives and we will make it through it with His guiding hand!

Her sister; Adrie, my “middle child” ( we joke about her being the “middle child” because my sister is middle child and uses that as an excuse for everything that didn’t go well in her childhood 😉 ) Anyways, she has been amazing! Addison was always our go-to, she was a big help in the family, however when everything started doing downhill this summer, Adrie, had to step up to the plate! She has been a rock for me! Hugging me when I need it and making sure she is keeping an eye on her older sister… and even helping with her little brother too! And I wonder; if Addison had not gone through her anxiety adventure this summer, would Adrie have had this “opportunity”?

Either way, I am just beyond blessed that the Lord blessed me with these 2 amazing girls!

We got this! xoxo




All About those Kids, Mom Life

Mom Tip #109-Tips for staying healthy this flu season 😷

For many of us in the US, it is still flu season and this season has hit hard! If you haven’t already, there is still time to get your flu shot!!

Along with the flu shot, here are a few other tips/suggestions I have:

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS!! All the time! I keep sanitizer in my car, so then whenever we get back in the car, from the store or church or wherever, we’re not bringing the germs home with us.
  2. Vick’s- best kept secret to help relieve congestion ( I’ll put a little under my nose and it helps with those nasty congestion headaches).

3. Rest -sleep is an important piece of staying healthy.😴

4. Drink plenty of water and healthy/nutritious fruits/veggies. 🍎🍌🥦

4. Stay home if you’re sick, then you’re not sharing your germs 👎🏻

5. Sanitize your workspace: for parents at work/home and children at school/home. ( and don’t forget those cell phones, light switches, door handles…. well anything you touch just sanitize!)

6. ALWAYS have extra Tylenol and ibuprofen for you and the kiddos in the house.

7. For children’s coughs; I discovered this honey cough syrup( Zarbees) and it is safe and effective for little ones.

8. Another suggestion for congestion: use Johnson’s soothing vapor bath for bath time with the kids or for you in the shower. It smells wonderful and revitalizes your senses!! Love it ❤️

I hope and pray this may help you and your loved ones stay a little healthier! 😊