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Everyday I leave. I leave for work and I leave my kids and some days this just totally sucks! My older 2 are in school everyday, but while I work I miss a lot of opportunities to be involved in their classes and taking or picking them up from school. My youngest, KC, is 4 and has preschool a couple days a week for about 3 hours, but again I can never drop him off or pick him up from school and most days I only see him for 2 or 3 hours tops at night.

I hate to leave…it breaks my heart 😔 Being a working mom is hard, especially today.


All About those Kids

Toby Mac!!!!

This weekend, my girls and I went to a Toby Mac concert!

When I bought these tickets in December, my oldest Addison (with the anxiety disorder) was pretty unstable and I was truly unsure if she’d be able to go. She has increased anxiety around crowds and my fear was her having an anxiety attack in the middle of a crowd and we’re stuck! A nightmare for everyone…but I am happy to report, no nightmare 😊 and we had a blast! Well at least her and I did, her sister (Adrie) fell asleep 😴(not sure how that happens at a concert🤔)but she has the talent of being able to sleep anywhere/anytime…just like her mama!img_7142

This is a big step in our anxiety goals and I am beyond proud of Addison ! She is doing so well, however every day is a new day and we may have set backs and that’s okay too. this is a lifetime adventure that God has placed in our lives and we will make it through it with His guiding hand!

Her sister; Adrie, my “middle child” ( we joke about her being the “middle child” because my sister is middle child and uses that as an excuse for everything that didn’t go well in her childhood 😉 ) Anyways, she has been amazing! Addison was always our go-to, she was a big help in the family, however when everything started doing downhill this summer, Adrie, had to step up to the plate! She has been a rock for me! Hugging me when I need it and making sure she is keeping an eye on her older sister… and even helping with her little brother too! And I wonder; if Addison had not gone through her anxiety adventure this summer, would Adrie have had this “opportunity”?

Either way, I am just beyond blessed that the Lord blessed me with these 2 amazing girls!

We got this! xoxo




All About those Kids, Mom Life

Mom Tip #109-Tips for staying healthy this flu season 😷

For many of us in the US, it is still flu season and this season has hit hard! If you haven’t already, there is still time to get your flu shot!!

Along with the flu shot, here are a few other tips/suggestions I have:

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS!! All the time! I keep sanitizer in my car, so then whenever we get back in the car, from the store or church or wherever, we’re not bringing the germs home with us.
  2. Vick’s- best kept secret to help relieve congestion ( I’ll put a little under my nose and it helps with those nasty congestion headaches).

3. Rest -sleep is an important piece of staying healthy.😴

4. Drink plenty of water and healthy/nutritious fruits/veggies. 🍎🍌🥦

4. Stay home if you’re sick, then you’re not sharing your germs 👎🏻

5. Sanitize your workspace: for parents at work/home and children at school/home. ( and don’t forget those cell phones, light switches, door handles…. well anything you touch just sanitize!)

6. ALWAYS have extra Tylenol and ibuprofen for you and the kiddos in the house.

7. For children’s coughs; I discovered this honey cough syrup( Zarbees) and it is safe and effective for little ones.

8. Another suggestion for congestion: use Johnson’s soothing vapor bath for bath time with the kids or for you in the shower. It smells wonderful and revitalizes your senses!! Love it ❤️

I hope and pray this may help you and your loved ones stay a little healthier! 😊

All About those Kids, Mom Life

Mom Tip #108

Another tip or suggestion I have for all you moms, or really anyone – have a good, organized laundry system! Otherwise, your laundry can take over your house 😫 I always hate having laundry baskets sit around, then the clothes sit and get wrinkled and mornings are spent doing a deep search through the laundry baskets. Getting frustrated with this everyday, I decided I HAD to figure something else out!

My laundry is in the basement and nothing spectacular but I do have a long clothes line and huge table (which I am grateful for) and wanted to take advantage of. Before the table was just a pile of clean clothes, some folded and some not, random socks, underwear and whatever else I can’t find a spot for at the moment…in other words, it was a mess! 🤯 So I cleaned it up, donated 3/4 of the clothes and threw away a ton of junk! I took 5 laundry baskets (one for each person in our family)  and labeled them. I have a small area to fold and then I put in their basket. Therefore, we all know where to find our clothes and I do NOT bring any clothes baskets upstairs, where they end up all over the house and cluttering up our rooms.

I’m hoping this goes well, I have tried other laundry “systems” or ideas and nothing seemed to really work for my family, my schedule and my space, so I’m excited, I have a good feeling about this! We spend so much time doing laundry, I want it to feel good!

“Don’t you just love those 12 seconds, your laundry is done” 😉

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Mom Tip #107

Traditions – every family should have some type of tradition – whether that’s Hawaii for Christmas or park for your birthday, it doesn’t matter what the tradition is, but make one or two or 8 🙂 But remember, do what works for YOUR family! You don’t have to do what every other family is doing on Facebook, do what your family time allows and enjoys! Otherwise, you are doomed for the mommy guilt 😦

I see so many families that have the tradition of seeing Santa at Christmas, well, my children had severe stranger anxiety and would kick and scream every time I tried, so I bagged it and at first I felt bad seeing all these cute kids sitting on Santa’s lap, but you know what; I can only do my best and I figure either I do a ton of stuff half-ass or a few REALLY well! So I have 2 traditions I always do (and a few others I try and fit in) but these are ones my kids have shared they love! So every year our family to cut our own Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend and then for my kids birthday I do their age with pictures from that year (see example below).


Other easy, fun family traditions:

  • Birthday –
    • decorate your kids door with streamers and balloon
    • take them out on a special date
  • Valentines Day
    • as a family do a random act of kindness
  • Easter
    • Dye Easter eggs
  • 4th of July and Memorial Day
    • Parades
    • Fireworks
    • Have a family picnic
  • Thanksgiving Day
    • Make a Thankful/Grateful Tree with “what your thankful for” leaves
    • Serve a meal at a mission
    • Have a Gratitude Jar
  • Christmas
    • Cut your own Christmas tree
    • Give your child an ornament every year
    • Make a birthday cake for Jesus
    • Sing carols or make cards for residents in a nursing home
    • Take a picture with the family in a set of matching Pajamas

Just some ideas, but again, do what YOU want! And don’t make it stressful, make sure its a FUN tradition that the family will have great memories of!

All About those Kids, Mom Life

Let them go

This is a picture of my daughter long-boarding this weekend – yes, it made me oh so nervous and I wanted to wrap her up in bubble wrap to protect her! But she wanted to be like her big sister and give it try, why would I discourage her from trying something new?
As a parent, we are faced with these decisions daily, even our kids riding the bus or walking to school could potentially harm them, but how much is too much protection? Or not enough protection? WE have to find that balance and that can be a struggle!
I was hesitant to let her try this, she could fall, hurt herself or maybe run into someone else! But I give her credit for wanting to try something new and learn a new skill, I am NOT like that and can shy away from trying new things, so I let her (of course with her helmet) but she LOVED it and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her smile! God bless her adventurous spirit!
When any type of decision involves my children, I look to their ultimate father for guidance and pray for their protection!
And please note: For the record, she did not fall and is actually really good at it! I like that it is another outdoor activity she enjoys and something that she can do with sister and that’s a blessing! 🙂