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Mom Tip #108

Another tip or suggestion I have for all you moms, or really anyone – have a good, organized laundry system! Otherwise, your laundry can take over your house 😫 I always hate having laundry baskets sit around, then the clothes sit and get wrinkled and mornings are spent doing a deep search through the laundry baskets. Getting frustrated with this everyday, I decided I HAD to figure something else out!

My laundry is in the basement and nothing spectacular but I do have a long clothes line and huge table (which I am grateful for) and wanted to take advantage of. Before the table was just a pile of clean clothes, some folded and some not, random socks, underwear and whatever else I can’t find a spot for at the moment…in other words, it was a mess! 🤯 So I cleaned it up, donated 3/4 of the clothes and threw away a ton of junk! I took 5 laundry baskets (one for each person in our family)  and labeled them. I have a small area to fold and then I put in their basket. Therefore, we all know where to find our clothes and I do NOT bring any clothes baskets upstairs, where they end up all over the house and cluttering up our rooms.

I’m hoping this goes well, I have tried other laundry “systems” or ideas and nothing seemed to really work for my family, my schedule and my space, so I’m excited, I have a good feeling about this! We spend so much time doing laundry, I want it to feel good!

“Don’t you just love those 12 seconds, your laundry is done” 😉

Mom Life

Excited to do laundry 🤓

Yes, that’s right, I’m excited to do laundry! Laundry is a never-ending battle and instead of doing laundry everyday, I chose 2 days( Wednesday and Saturday) to do it (unless I have an emergency load, I’ll throw that in) but I pretty much stick to these 2 days because otherwise I’m doing laundry(washing, drying, Folding and putting away) 7 days a week, I needed a break from the laundry dungeon! And trying this for the past month, has worked really well for our family!

 So anyways, onto why I was really writing this blog and excited for this change in my laundry routine…see I’ve always used OxiClean and have loved it, however to sell Norwex, I want to give honest feedback when people ask about it and therefore I want to start trying more of their product and  coming to my home soon is their laundry detergent and fluff and tumble dryer balls! I’ve heard nothing but great things about both products, but I’ll try for myself 😊

Thanks for all your hard work OxiClean, it was nice working with ya 👍🏻