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October 31st (otherwise known as Halloween)

So over the years Halloween, has become my least favorite “holiday”. I’m not sure why, I used to love dressing my kids up in costumes and getting FREE candy! But the more I seeΒ  Halloween decorations, it feels like it just gets more “evil like” every year and I am not into that.

So below are some options to try and maybe start a new family tradition:

  1. Movie Night – check these out! some for the real young ones and some for your older kiddos. And if you are looking for even cheaper, head to your local library and find them there.

2. Hotel – this really only works well when the 31st falls on a weekend, but go to a hotel for the night that has a pool or water park.

3. Visit a pumpkin patch, pick up a pizza, then go home and carve the pumpkins out.

4. Have a family game night! This is defiantly a budget friendly option $$$

5. Camp out and tell scary stories! Vote on whose was the scariest!

Here is a link to a post about tips on how to tell the scariest (of course, know your audience and if there are young kids, keep it G rated…just a suggestion for your future self πŸ˜‰Β  Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

6. Visit an orchard – many will have specials for Halloween night, that don’t require dressing up. Check you local orchards and farms.Β 

7. Check out your local churches! There are great opportunities to take advantage of a fun,clean environment with lots of great activities! Typically they have a snacks or even a free dinner – talk about budget friendly! πŸ™‚ $$$

7. My favorite – have a date night and leave the planning to the babysitter πŸ˜‰

Have a blessed week friend! No matter what you decide to do this week, look for the blessing!

**Please know that as an Amazon Associate, if you purchase any of the suggested items above, I earn from those purchases. And I thank you for the support!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Help us reach our goal of $40,000!

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All About those Kids, family, Mom Life

Another Summer Season

In the past, our summers still consisted of a pretty defined schedule, because while my husband and I are both working, we had to bring our kiddos to babysitters (usually family) but with drop offs and pickups, we had to have a schedule; which I am sure many of you can relate too! And my kids HATED it! However, with me working from home, this summer, we had a little bit more flexibility, , which was VERY helpful, it was honestly quite great!!Β 

However, I STILL had to work and that was something the kids had to get used too; that even though I am home, I’m home working.Β 

But being a WAH (work at home) mom, we still didn’t have family vacation all summer πŸ˜•Which is tough because majority of my female family and friends do not work, so they can plan all kinds of fun things and vacations… (mommy guilt = βœ…check ) but we make the most of what we have, looking at the blessings and enjoying the time I do have off πŸ‘πŸ»

Below are a few fun times our family had this summerπŸ•πŸ–πŸš²β˜€οΈ

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Children Of Working Moms Better Off Later In Life, Study Finds

Children Of Working Moms Better Off Later In Life, Study Finds

Children Of Working Moms Better Off Later In Life, Study Finds
β€” Read on

Great little clip I had to share! Just because it made me feel a less guilty about being a working mom πŸ™‚


Holidays-Missing Loved Ones

I have always loved Holidays! A day off of work to spend with family, is how we always spent our holidays! Usually eating, talking and laughing… a lot 🀭 😊🀣and just being together! I really gave a great family that we love to spend time with!

But since my dad passed away, I kind of dread a Holiday. Yes, I think of my dad everyday, talk to him everyday and a lot of times cry! But Holidays, is just a huge reminder that we have this piece missing. My mom comes and leaves alone, I’m not thinking about what food to make sure and have for dad, or what he’d like to drink… and the list goes on and on of the thoughts that run through my mind. And I just miss him more on days like today! Oh and Thanksgiving and Christmas, can I just skip this year?! And maybe next?! Please πŸ˜“

I know, I know , I can’t skip! That’s not fair to my kiddos and that is for sure, NOT what God wants of me! I always ask God for the strength and grace to get through this season because I need all the help I can get. But come on, it is Tough!

And I hear from many that it gets easier as time goes by but I have felt as the days and months go on without my dad, it’s been getting harder and harder! maybe more realization that he is not coming back? Not sure. But I miss him! I just miss him. 😞

And then here comes my positive outlook and my hope; that I do truly believe That Gods got this! He is something that I can always count on to be there and I am blessed to have a Heavenly Father like that! But I’ll be honest, it’s hard some times to believe that! and I think that’s okay, because we all go through rough patches and maybe what WE want isn’t Gods plan. God has a plan and reasoning that my father passed away and yes, I am suffering through this grief. But man, look at Jesus and what he endured, but he still trusted his father and dying for you and me on the cross, was the ultimate sacrifice! But he trusted his Father and that is how I know God will take of us and I CAN make it through this!

Gods got this!! ( and that is what my earthly father always taught me as well!)

Miss you dad πŸ–€

(Many ask why I use a black heart all the time, in reference, to my dad – and Black is the color for melanoma cancer awareness, that my dad passed away from)


National Dog Day 🐢 (totally belated πŸ™„)

Happy national dog day (yeah I know a little belated)! This is Cooper and Max (is in the background) and these boys are defiantly a part of our family! We love them so much!

These dogs are more than companions; they are protectors, running buddies and friends! And For those with anxiety in our family, pets have been a huge help. They are such a sense of comfort, they know when we’re upset and could use an extra snuggle. Cooper sleeps with our girls almost every night and is the “child protector”, he loves the kids and sticks with them wherever they are!

Here are a few other ways that a dog can help with a person’s anxiety:

  • When you have anxiety, you can have a lot of negative self-talk and that can be a vicious cycle where a dog can intervene and break that cycle.
  • A dog will ALWAYS love you, unconditionally! this helps when you worry that no one else does! A dog can be your best friend!
  • Having a dog also provides a constant companion and someone who will always listen, without any judgement.
  • Panic Attacks – dogs can be trained to intervene during an attack.
  • It is proven that pet owners tend to be more physically fit and exercise more than those that do not have pets. Therefore, when we take our dogs out and we get that exercise too, we release good neurochemicals, which helps boost our mood.

If you are interested in getting a pet to help assist with any emotional needs your family member or friend may have, make sure you do the research to find out what dog breed would be best. You can also get your dog certified as a Emotional Support Animal (ESA), which would include certain rights for them.

I am so blessed to have these doggies a part of our family! Yes, they can be extra work and add more chores to an already overscheduled mama, but it’s all worth it! πŸ’™πŸ’™