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via Daily Prompt: Provoke

So I would normally think of “provoke” in a bad way, like you’re provoking someone to do something bad 🍩🍪🍰 but as I currently write this my cat (Fluffy Bubbles) is provoking our tiny toy poodle(Max) and it’s pretty darn funny 😆

Mom Life

Christmas Break for kids…not for me

This is the time of year, where it is especially hard being a working mom! Right up there with Summer break! Kids are off of school and mom has to work 😦

It is so hard  to know my kids are at home (probably having a ton of fun) and I’m away from them all day…working!

I mean, I am happy I can contribute to our family income and I DO like my job, but I love to be with my kids (and hubby too) and just be together! And this year seems even more special because this is the first Christmas without my dad and it has been especially hard on everyone.

However, I am thankful I no longer have to work weekends and holidays and I had off 3 days to be with family and I am blessed to be where I am at in my career. Trying to stay positive and finding the blessing!

And by the way, hope everyone had a safe, blessed Christmas!


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Norwex – Odor Eliminator vs. cat pee


So we got a new kitten, Fluffy Bubbles, and she has had no accidents in the house, until last night she peed on our couch, ugh!! And cat pee stinks!! so this gave me a great opportunity to try out and see how awesome Norwex really is…and they did not disappoint! I did use it 2x on the cat pee (probably just be I’m so conscious about animal smells in my house) but the smell is GONE!! This stuff is amazing and smells so clean! I’m so excited to try some of their other products!  I’ll keep you updated…