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Taking Care of YOU – Self Care

yeah YOU!! How do you take care of yourself? Do you take care of yourself? I'll be honest, I don't. I just don't. I do not do much for just myself and if I do, it usually has something to benefit those around me. I'm 37, oh wait 38 years old, lol and I am… Continue reading Taking Care of YOU – Self Care

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Summer Update

We added a boat to our summer adventures! I will be honest I did not approve this purchase. However, the purchase was cheap enough that if we have some Covid, summer fun with it, it’ll be worth it! So here are a few pics of that fun adventure and a few other! Happy Summer! I… Continue reading Summer Update

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Hair Tip – How to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

Real Simple has some amazing articles about hair care! This article I ran across on Twitter and it had some ideas I started using for my curly, "humidity sensitive" hair - even the simple change of washing your hair with cooler water (um yeah it'll wake you up a little more in the morning) made… Continue reading Hair Tip – How to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

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Lets not forget that it is SUMMER!! what fun things do you have planned for the summer? anything? okay, I do not feel like it is summer and we continue to have this Covid cloud over us, like we all want to go out and have a summer party but can’t . . . Well,… Continue reading IT’S SUMMERTIME 2020

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Good News Couldn't help but had to share with as many as possible! 🤍🤎🖤💜❤️🧡💛💚💙 Have a blessed week, Christyjo 🤟🏼

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CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — Read on

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Feeling Anxious?

  Here are a few simple things you can do every day to lessen the stress and anxiety you’re feeling right now: Breathe in and out - deeply and slowly Focus on the things you can control Write down your feelings For more information please follow the link below: For more check them out… Continue reading Feeling Anxious?

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Building a Routine

If you’re feeling a bit anxious or overwhelmed right now, we get it. There’s a myriad of things happening right now that are hindering us from feeling our 100%. We believe there are a few things you can do to help you look and feel your best. Which ones are you already doing? Thank… Continue reading Building a Routine


Strawberry Summer Salad

Simple summer salad with of course my favorite; strawberries 😋 so simple, lite and healthy! You can personalize to your liking, enjoy! Ingredients: strawberriesspinach ( I like baby spinach)salted peanutssunflower seedsdried cranberriesraisins poppyseed dressing There is not really a “how to” you kind of throw it all in and enjoy! You can add as little… Continue reading Strawberry Summer Salad