I love Fridays…maybe alone time?! 

It is Friday and the weekend is almost here! It has been a long week at my house, my little peeps and big hubby peep not feeling so well, so this mama has not had much sleep 😴 So when I was asked to go to dinner for a work function, I thought the alone time would be nice, even just an hour, heck even 5 minutes 😉 

I know I will miss my fam, but this mom needs a reboot! I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend and has a minute to relax! 


Mom Tip #104

img_5321Have a family calendar (and keep it updated)! As with many other families, we have busy lives! My husband and I work full-time, so some days we have babysitters and this calendar helps them as well!  My kids are learning as well, to check the calendar and then they also remind me to update it or make sure to let me know when I have something wrong 😉

I have a monthly, magnetic, dry erase calendar, that I have in our kitchen but out of reach of little hands. This helps our family a lot … and  I can always use the excuse with my husband “it’s on the calendar, you should have remembered” 🙂

Chicken and Rice Dinner

Planning out our families dinner menu tonight, I came across this very simple, yummy recipe with only 4 ingredients, so it’s pretty cheap too!


  • Chicken (Bone-in) I have always used the bone-in, skinned chicken for this recipe but you could try skinless, boneless if you have that as well, I’m just not sure how moist it will be.
  • 1 cup white rice
  • 1 package onion soup
  • 1 can of cream of chicken

Preheat oven 375. Use a 9×13 pan and mix rice and onion soup. Lay chicken in pan, on top of the rice mixture. Cover chicken with cream of chicken soup. Use the soup can and add 3 cans of water to pan. Cover with tinfoil and bake for an hour and 30 minutes. With the last 30 minutes, removing the tinfoil.

Add a steamed vegetable and you have dinner! Enjoy and have a blessed week!


Fri-nally ❤️❤️💙💙

As a working mom, I so look forward to Friday’s and the weekend! However, the weekend can be just as busy; laundry, basketball games, groceries, etc. It’s a hard balance between chores and having fun with my kids – chores have to be done ✅  but I love ❤️ spending time with my kids! It’s so hard! I try to do the best I can and for me it’s hard to hold off on laundry and play in the sand with my son, but my son, he’s only 4 for so long and you know what, laundry can wait until he goes to bed…at least this weekend 😍 

God, thank you for the weekends, they are such a blessing!! 

Family Multitasking 

My husbands idea of multitasking- having my daughter take a shower and review her bible memory 😜 

Nice work Hun ❤️

Let them go

This is a picture of my daughter long-boarding this weekend – yes, it made me oh so nervous and I wanted to wrap her up in bubble wrap to protect her! But she wanted to be like her big sister and give it try, why would I discourage her from trying something new?
As a parent, we are faced with these decisions daily, even our kids riding the bus or walking to school could potentially harm them, but how much is too much protection? Or not enough protection? WE have to find that balance and that can be a struggle!
I was hesitant to let her try this, she could fall, hurt herself or maybe run into someone else! But I give her credit for wanting to try something new and learn a new skill, I am NOT like that and can shy away from trying new things, so I let her (of course with her helmet) but she LOVED it and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her smile! God bless her adventurous spirit!
When any type of decision involves my children, I look to their ultimate father for guidance and pray for their protection!
And please note: For the record, she did not fall and is actually really good at it! I like that it is another outdoor activity she enjoys and something that she can do with sister and that’s a blessing! 🙂

Sleep Well…

Sometimes I struggle to wind-down at night, which from connecting with other moms, is pretty common – so I have been praying this verse at night and it has given me comfort knowing I am leaving it up to Him –

“Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you” 1Peter 5:7

I’m sharing, hoping it will help you as well! Sleep Tight 🙂


Mom Tip #103

Make cleaning easy – I never believed it would be so easy to clean, but Norwex has saved me time and $! I have one of these Norwex Enviro clothes in each of my bathrooms and kitchen. I am not toting cleaning products around to each room and  I simply get it wet and wipe. I don’t waste as many paper towels, therefore that makes it better for the environment and I am using less chemicals in our home, so it’s safer for my family!img_5120

Mom Tip #102

So this goes along with #101, about being prepared, it is so important if you want the day/week to run smoothly, you have to be prepared (well, as prepared as you can be being a mom 😉 img_5287

Along with preparing our family’s dinner menu, I also prepare lunches as much as possible.

My kids like a variety of foods, but they HAVE to have at least one fruit or veggie in their lunch and I like to clean them, bag them and store them in a clear container in the fridge. I also have one with yogurts, which is another staple in our lunches.

This helps lunch making go smoothly and even when you’re in a hurry or kids need a snack, they can get it themselves…yeah 🙂


Finding the Blessing

img_5076 I saw these posts on Pinterest and downloaded her app on my phone – beautiful pictures with some great quotes! The app is called “ED spirit”, check it out!


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