Hospital Stay

Unfortunately, last week we were in the hospital with our daughter – one of the scariest places to be with a child. Thankfully, we figured out what was wrong and she is on the road to recovery. However, I pray and give kudos to those parents who have chronically ill children and are in theContinue reading “Hospital Stay”

Sunday-a mix of worship and worry

I had always loved Sundays! It was a time for worship, family dinner, naps and being a day of rest. But these days, my Sundays consist of catching up on unfinished chores from Saturday and planning for the week ahead, inbetween going to church. And after Sundays, I know comes Monday -a day of worryContinue reading “Sunday-a mix of worship and worry”

Best Birthday Cake Ever – Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Use a 9×13 pan Cool Whip (16 oz) Ice Cream Sandwiches (about 24) Optional: Sprinkles, caramel, hot fudge, chocolate Unwrap ice cream sandwiches (this is an easy step that the kids can help with). Lay  half of the ice cream sandwiches in pan Cover with a layer of cool whip Create another layer of  iceContinue reading “Best Birthday Cake Ever – Ice Cream Sandwich Cake”