Mom Life

Podcasts – a few favorites

When I started listening/watching the today show with Rachel and Dave Hollis (through Instagram or Facebook) they would talk about their podcasts they had and after hearing about it a few times, I finally had a few minutes to go and see what these “podcasts” were all about. Yes, I know, I had never listen to podcast until like 3 months ago! And now I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long with them 🙂

So I started listening to Rise with Rachel Hollis and then Rise Together with Rachel and Dave Hollis and that was just the beginning…below are a few of my favorites:

Holderness Family is my dose of comedy, they are so funny! Follow them on insta too, hilarious!
I like Joel Osteen, he can be simple but at times he provides a perspective that I have not heard before. Joyce Meyer on the right, she is my FAVORITE! She’s funny but she gets to the point! Right now I am listening to her in the mornings when I try and walk ( I said TRY 😉 )


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