A “whatever” dinner (fast, cheap and unplanned)🥝🥒🥓🍜

Okay, we ALL have those nights where you didn’t prepare dinner (which is very unlike me, I am a devoted planner) but sometimes plans fall through or you just whatever 🤔

So we all have days, rough days and you just feel lazy and don’t feel like making anything. This happens to everyone… sometimes once a month, once a week or once every other day 😉 for me, this is called the “whatever dinner”. I’ll throw something together last minute., usually whatever I can find and sounds semi-good together 😉 but whatever it is, it is usually quick and real cheap!

So this was the “whatever” dinner this week; pig in the blankets( sausage links wrapped in crescent rolls) with a good side of macaroni and cheese 👊🏻


What’s your “whatever ” dinner? OR your favorite “whatever” dinner? 😉or if you’re like us, we have a few…it’s just whatever is in the house.

And remember it is not always what is for dinner, it’s who you’re having dinner with!❤️

have a blessed dinner time!


Published by christyjo555

Hi friends! My name is Christy and I am a Christian, working mom of 3 and happily married to my high school sweetheart. I love my job however I love my kids more! I want to encourage other working moms(and every mom) to stay positive and look for those blessings everytime! If you'd like to Contact me please email me: cjorun@yahoo.com

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