National Dog Day 🐢 (totally belated πŸ™„)

Happy national dog day (yeah I know a little belated)! This is Cooper and Max (is in the background) and these boys are defiantly a part of our family! We love them so much!

These dogs are more than companions; they are protectors, running buddies and friends! And For those with anxiety in our family, pets have been a huge help. They are such a sense of comfort, they know when we’re upset and could use an extra snuggle. Cooper sleeps with our girls almost every night and is the “child protector”, he loves the kids and sticks with them wherever they are!

Here are a few other ways that a dog can help with a person’s anxiety:

  • When you have anxiety, you can have a lot of negative self-talk and that can be a vicious cycle where a dog can intervene and break that cycle.
  • A dog will ALWAYS love you, unconditionally! this helps when you worry that no one else does! A dog can be your best friend!
  • Having a dog also provides a constant companion and someone who will always listen, without any judgement.
  • Panic Attacks – dogs can be trained to intervene during an attack.
  • It is proven that pet owners tend to be more physically fit and exercise more than those that do not have pets. Therefore, when we take our dogs out and we get that exercise too, we release good neurochemicals, which helps boost our mood.

If you are interested in getting a pet to help assist with any emotional needs your family member or friend may have, make sure you do the research to find out what dog breed would be best. You can also get your dog certified as a Emotional Support Animal (ESA), which would include certain rights for them.

I am so blessed to have these doggies a part of our family! Yes, they can be extra work and add more chores to an already overscheduled mama, but it’s all worth it! πŸ’™πŸ’™



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Hi friends! My name is Christy and I am a Christian, working mom of 3 and happily married to my high school sweetheart. I love my job however I love my kids more! I want to encourage other working moms(and every mom) to stay positive and look for those blessings everytime! If you'd like to Contact me please email me:

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