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New Year & My New Goals

My ultimate New Year Goals:

  • Drink more water –  start with an additional 24 oz a day

  • Exercise – move around more. A few times a day, Get up and go for a quick walk through the halls at work.

  • Expose more people to Norwex (aka – sell more Norwex 🙂 )

  • Try 1 New recipe a month

  • Get to work on time, actually a few minutes before I’m expected

  • Get the house more organized – focus on basement first; starting with the kids school work and putting in their files/boxes.

  • Become more efficient (kind of goes hand in hand with #3) because my house will be so organized, I’ll be more efficient 😉

  • Read devotions or be in His Word every day

  • Have a prayer list and truly pray for those that are on it (I always say I’ll pray for you and I want to remember to do it!) Create a list on my phone (for on the go) and then later write in my notebook at home.

  • Learn more about anxiety and how my husband and I can best support our daughter and how to care for the whole family through this.

The sun has set on another year and here’s to 2018 being a little better than this past year!


It’s great to make a list and set of goals, but the hard work is how to accomplish these goals! So behind each one, I also included more specifics and how I am going to accomplish these!

There a few I have to work on everyday, like drinking more water, exercising, doing devotions, prayer list, and supporting our family through anxiety. I can try, but I know there will be days, I can’t accomplish all of these!

Here were a few tips I found on how to help accomplish goals:

  • Write them down

  • Break them down, maybe into smaller goals

  • Set a due date

  • Post your plan and review it daily.

  • Develop a habit and then the goal is most likely to stick

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”

Happy New Year!!



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